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Vídeňský dvůr

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Locality: Prague 4

The residential complex Vídeňský Dvůr is located between Vídeňská and Za Valem Streets. The major advantage of the locality Zelené údolí (Green Valley) is one of the biggest green areas of Prague - Kunratický les (Kunratice Forest). This forest ranks among the most sought-after places for both summer and winter tourism and recreational sports, such as cycling, roller skating, cross-country skiing in winter, or just for restful, relaxation walks. The exceptionality of the place is also underlined with the possibility of meeting wild animals. The valley of the Kunratický brook has been proclaimed a natural monument and you can also find a romantic ruin of the New Castle, the Dolnomlýnský pond or a mini-zoo for children nearby.

It is a very attractive locality of the city, where you will not be far from the centre of Prague and at the same time within reach of beautiful nature.

Within the vicinity of the residential complex, there is the medical facility IKEM (the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine) and the Thomayer Teaching Hospital, kindergartens and primary schools (including an English school), restaurants, shops.

The residential complex consists of an administrative building with accommodation for middle medical staff and three blocks of flats with cascade floors forming the letter U, where a quiet land-scaping relaxation zone will be created.

The structure of flats consists of flats from 1 to 4+kitchenette with the area from 30 m2 to 112 m2. Their floors are rising in a cascade way towards the Kunratice Forest enabling thus an excellent view.

The exceptionality of the project Vídeňský dvůr lies in the regulation system of heating and warming hot supply water for the individual accommodation units. In each accommodation unit, a small junction exchange station is installed, thanks to which each flat inhabitant can regulate the temperature (of hot supply water and heating) himself, independently from the other units.

The project has excellent transport services, both in the direction of the city centre and for other transport. The transport connection with all the quarters of Prague is ensured with bus public transport with a direct connection to the underground station Kačerov of the C line.

Number of flats:    altogether 189 flats
Size: from 1 + kitchenette to 4 + kitchenette
Area: 11,500 m2 accommodation area, 400 m2 commercial area
Prices of flats: from CZK 29,000.-/ m2 2

The realisation will start in September 2005, the flats will be handed over to the clients in winter 2006/07

The services provided within the project: ensuring mortgage credits, making the client´s change without charging any fee, securing the client´s finance with insurance or banking guarantees, possibility of individual changes of the inner flat arrangements and decor, housing stock administration.

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